Step 1

Read the New Technician letter and complete the Registration Form (pdf)

Step 2

Complete the Security Screening Form (Sections B&C) Sign Form

English                Francais

Step 3

Review Technicians Guideline manual (pdf)

This manual highlights the general company policies regarding your work at our client sites or events.

Step 4

Fax the completed form to 819-778-2521

Check list:

  1. 1.Registration Form

  2. 2.Security Screening Form

  3. 3.Void Cheque


New Technicians - Getting Started

TechPool Solution

business event solutions inc.

Technicians must have their basic tool kit on all calls

1. A flashlight

2. Adjustable wrench (with safety lanyard)

3. Pocket knife

4. Multi-purpose tool

5. Protective leather gloves

6. Permanent marker and note pad.

At a MINIMUM, it is essential and expected that technicians verify the schedule the day before their anticipated CALL. 

Any problems must be reported immediately.

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